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Due to the rapid development in the areas of "Internet of Things" and ubiquitous sensor networks, more and more products with a short period of usage are emerging.

In this context, aspects of environment-friendly production and environmentally sound disposal are becoming increasingly important. Particular attention has to be put on single-use products that are produced in very large volumes.


Especially in this area, the paper and printing industry already has long standing expertise.

The goal of PIONIER is to introduce paper as ecologically sustainable substrate in the electronics industry.

Rapid tests.

In particular, highly integrated biosensors for analysis in private environments, i.e. outside of diagnostic laboratories and medical service providers, will be realized.

At present, non-invasive point-of-care rapid tests are only available in the form of test strips using color indicators. The reading of these test strips is strongly influenced by the subjective visual perception and the results are, therefore, only qualitative.


PIONIER explores the production and optimization of paper in order to establish it as a substrate and sensor element for molecular diagnostic systems. For this purpose, suitable fabrication processes will be developed, and the material properties of the paper will be optimized with respect to the application requirements.

The readout of the measurement values will be accomplished contactless by integrating a small, battery-free near field communication (NFC) chip. This important aspect plays an essential role for environmentally sound disposal.

Glucose and ketone bodies.

In the PIONIER project, electrochemical sensors for the quantification of glucose and ketone bodies in urine will be realized as an application example.

They serve as demonstrator for the research and technology development performed in the project and furthermore they are the basis for a first application with high market potential.

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